Though itís temporary, I have a hi-rise apartment on the 35th floor of a 41 floor tower. My floor is just above the 33rd floor. No, thatís not a typo and you read it right. Indonesians have a thing about the numbers three and four in the ones column.

We have a pool, gym, tennis courts, restaurants, ATM machines, and convenience stores right in the middle of shopping mall heaven. It isnít exactly a slum.

My new apartment has the same floor plan as the old one but mirrored. The view isnít any different but two levels higher. Some things are better and some things are not.

The one revelation about cooking was that my apartment electrical system wasnít built for cooking. If I plug my company furnished microwave into the refrigerator outlet, it blows the circuit breaker. Using my toaster oven forces me to turn off the AC as it blows circuits frequently. Neither of these breakers are tied to the circuit board in my apartment. I have to call maintenance to have them reset the breaker.

The maintenance guy started to recognize me from my multitude of electrical problems but I seem to have it under control. The geniuses from maintenance havenít tied one large toaster oven, in my bedroom, can play hell on a cheap/defective electrical system. I even got blamed by the maintenance folks when my AC unit blew the breaker while I was sleeping. Sure, I had the oven going, instantaneous water heater, stove, and a multitude of other appliances running at 0400. Unfortunately, the wiring in our apartment buildings isnít wired correctly...this coming from my electrical manager associate as we have others in the same complex with the same problem. Itís common for working overseas. The cause of the blown breaker; an AC compressor that blew while running due to the improper wiring in my apartment. Expect more electrical adventures in the future.

Years ago, I bought an indoor electric grill that is designed to reduce smoke from the food. I had four chicken legs to barbecue. I had two exhaust fans going above the grill and the one in the bathroom too. The sliding glass door to the porch was open too. The smoke continued to roll off the grill yet the smoke detectors never went off. Iíve started carrying battery powered smoke detectors for those apartments that donít have smoke detectors. The one I brought for this assignment hasnít been opened. Thatís going to change.

One day, I started doing the math and figured that the five towers in my apartment compound hold the same or larger number of people than the town I was raised in. That boggles the mind.

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