Pictures taken by one of my associates along the way to the beach. Sierra Leonians don't like getting their picture being taken without their consent. Some will chase you down either individually or in mobs. What they do after that? Use your imagination.

Shortly after I released my last issue, I joined a couple colleagues for a trip to the beach. Yes, there are beaches near Freetown but the best ones I'm told are further away. This trip was an hour and a half of pothole-ridden roads with a few stream crossings. The rains had flooded many spots in the road making me wonder how some folks made it through in their compact cars. Of course, the Range Rovers had to blast on by. We were patient and waited for the car in front of us to carefully cross whatever hazard awaited them.

My society is in search of every timesaving idea to suck out a bit more of life beyond an occupation. If you look into the eyes of these folks, time is all they have plenty of. It gives life a bit of perspective. For those folks who threaten to return to their African homeland in an attempt to get back to their roots…this place is really ‘rooty’. Corrugated stick shacks…lots of poverty, hot and cold running dysentery. Hey…go back to your homeland if that is where your heart is. See if you call it your “home” for long.

A dried up riverbed.

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