This interesting structure (from the Owner's Web Site) is under construction not far from my apartment. The CCTV Tower decorates the Beijing Skylines. Visible from the third ring road, many a passerby is left wondering what it is. It's a TV studio for China's public television.

For you non-techies, open this article to page 4 and just look at the schematic. If nothing else, look at the pictures. The building is two sloped towers connected by a bridge. Itís pretty funky.

We were given a tour of the facility while it was still under construction. The day after I downloaded the article and emailed it to the folks at the office, one of the readers showed it to someone who knew the contractor of the building who gave us the tour. A lot of the problems they were dealing with were old news to us who've been working in China much longer.

The building to the left is a hotel owned by the same owners. It's part of the same complex yet the exterior facade is markedly different.

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