The Chinese donít take their New Years celebratory fireworks lightly. I swear, when it comes to fireworks, these folks never sleep. So long as the sky was dark, fireworks were lighting up the sky.

The first day of the fireworks brought the most comments at work. My boss described it best; if youíre at an event somewhere in the US that has fireworks and itís approaching the end, the folks who are launching them save the grand finale for the end with lots and lots of fireworks going off concurrently. It was pretty much a grand finale all night long here. Even in the day, there were many explosions going off. I slept through most of the nighttime fireworks but awoke in the wee hours of the morning where the festivities were still going strong. The neighbor above me swore they were aiming for our porches. The debris from the spent fireworks was quite a sight. Want Proof?

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