Yerevan Air Cargo Facility

Owners: Zvartnots Airport
Engineers: ASL Engineers
Contractor: Bill Harbert International Construction Inc.

Construction and Schedule Engineer-Processed shop drawings, coordinated material shipments and testing, coordinated staff and field engineering activities, and maintained computer network for a turnkey $15.4 million, 135,000 sf air cargo terminal. Responsible for scheduling, documenting claims, processing change orders and proposals, modifying as-built drawings, corresponding with owners, subcontractors, stateside associates, and the customer. Along with senior company officials and consultants, I was extensively involved with in an extensive and successful effort in a substantial delay claim effort (mitigation of $5 million in delay costs and penalties including three months of liquidated damages) against the Owners and Designers project.

The challenge of this project was building a project of this size in the Former Soviet state of Armenia using American design standards in twelve months including a total design and local authority approval.

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