My Christmas 93 Letter To Home

Christmas greetings from Virginia! I know, it's been a while but my many adventures and misadventures have kept me quite busy. (Another form letter..Oh joy!! Feel free to shred it at any moment.)

1993 added two more names to the family roster, a niece and a brother-in-law. My ring finger is still barren as well as the list of candidates. Any prime candidates (wealth, is high on the list).

My yearly endeavors have taken me as far north as Detroit and as far south as Florida. We've been to Houston, Omaha (can't avoid that town), Myrtle and Virginia Beaches (lots of trips to the beaches...If I die, pray that I get sent to the beach), Pennsylvania, DC...always on the road.

I bought a new truck in the spring. The car blew up around the 250k mile marker..just don't make em like they used to. I got tired of fixing them so I bought a brand new 93 S-10 pick up. I've racked up over 11k on the new truck since late March. Life would be perfect if I could keep the truck and ditch the payments. In town, I stick to riding the bike. I added a killer lighting system to it so I can do some night riding. I bought the bike last fall after my other bike was stolen. Life is not perfect in Mayberry Opie! Most people in town know me by my bike..some have been a little less than friendly. They wave things..fingers, guns, all kinds of stuff. The quad still rides although I don't get to ride it as much as I used to. Call me and I'll update you on the further misadventures of Lou, Sheriff Bufford T. Justice, and the buffalo!

I tried my luck at softball. We won one game during the entire season. The rest of our scores looked like lopsided football games 27-3... Other sports endeavors were water skiing and my usual stipends of bowling, racquetball, weight lifting, and a limited.

Right now, I'm working on the set of Peter Pan. I'm on the set crew. Last week end was our opening show. I was even the sound engineer for the opening act of Sunday's show. Next stop..director! Just kidding. I'm a logical thinker and drama has no such course.

I'm also a DJ at our local watering hole. Every Thursday night, I gather up my classic CD' dance music (a.k.a. Boom-boom) and rock the joint. They pay me in beer and forgo the weekend cover charges. I have more fun at this than anybody else. The crowds are getting bigger as time goes on. If anyone can tell my how to get more country than Garth Brooks' "Dixie Chicken", I'm open to suggestions. Friday mornings at work have been somewhat rough but I'll survive. I'm going by a month to month option to continue or stop this "service". Work comes first!

We (Mr. Ed and I-he's my concert buddy) started out the year with a very active concert circuit. It seemed as if every weekend, we had a concert to go to. We've even taken a few chartered buses to the more popular concerts. Imagine that, a designated dummy (oops, I mean driver) for forty. Since mid summer, it's dried up to nothing.

As far as Christmas is concerned, I'm forgoing the madness of the airports for a road trip to Florida. I want to have waiters named Jesus bring me rum drinks with umbrellas as I lay on the beach. New Years Eve is still in the planning stages with the strong candidates being DC, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, or ? As you can see, my address remains the same. How about dropping me a line some time!
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