Christmas 91..Or Why Lou Hates Cards

'Tis the holiday season and time to publish my holiday sentiments in the form of a form letter. I strive for that personal touch but having the personal touch for as many blessed and true friends as I do makes originality somewhat difficult to impossible. You will have to settle for this facsimile of a Christmas Card.

Let me reaffirm my disdain for sending cards in any form. In my opinion, and you need not adhere to this belief, there are several corporate big shots driving in limos for something that takes two minutes to read, costs around two bucks, and ends up in the trash. I realize that this letter will end up in the trash. I'm not an egotistical moron but the cost is only a stamp, the paper, and the time it took to type it. Handwritten letters are also out, doctors have better penmanship than I. If you chose to utilize any of the fore mentioned forms of communication, (communication-to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood...Webster's-this was something I learned at work and I thought it might humor you me for the total story) please do so. I would really enjoy hearing from you.

1991 was a quite a year for me. I went to work for a engineering firm based in KC. My job title is "CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR". I just thought I would emphasize the sounds so important and really looks good on paper. I program and enter data on my trusty IBM day in and day out (and play games when the boss isn't looking). Seriously, though. That is my title and I do enjoy my job. I work my butt off. I do the day to day administrative activities it takes to build a large power plant located in south central Virginia. The job pays a great deal more than the last one I had, I don't have to be mean, ethics are encouraged, and the people are just as great. Actually, we're waiting until the lawyers get their cut and the judge tells them that we're not breaking any laws. In fact, we have the cleanest power plant on the east coast. If the remaining power plants would clean up their act as we have, they would diminish pollution considerably.

I also spent a considerable amount of time on the road in my trusty little VW. That sucker is been really faithful to me (sure it has it's moments but we all do). I bought it with a 191,000 miles on the body (only 61,000 on the engine). The odometer broke after 193,459 but I guess that it has over 210,000. It's taken me to the beach, Florida (I partied with the Mick at Disney World), DC, Pennsylvania, KC, and Omaha (in fact, I find it a rare weekend where I do stay home). The trip from Omaha to Virginia was on a needed a rest. When the lawyers finish their business, I may trade it in and then again, I may not. It's hard to dump a trusted friend.

1991 was also the year of my 10 year class reunion. I had my doubts about this thing before I went in and going only reinforced them. These people were just people whom I attended school with. The creeps were still creeps, jocks who were the rage were now some of the biggest losers, but some of the wall flowers without much personality had developed some of the most fantastic personalities imaginable. I may not go to the 15 year but the ex-wall flowers really saved my trip.

By sad coincidence, my trip home was marred by the amputation of the leg of my father. How it happened, nobody really knows (circulatory problems-not diabetes). He was the pillar of stone while all of the others crumbled in despair. He took it all in stride and is now living as if nothing had really happened...he's my true inspiration and if I could only be half the man that he is, I'd be a great human indeed. Thank all of you for your prayers and support during our time of need.

As for me, I've become a computer junkie. I'd rather play games on my computer than watch TV or do anything else. If I'm late going anywhere, blame it on the PC. I've gained fifteen pounds this year and you could probably attribute some of that to the PC. If you would like, we could trade games or I could just send you some. My PC is IBM compatible and takes either disc size. Give me a holler and we'll talk shop

My Christmas plans include going home to Omaha. The whole family will be there. It's the first time in five years that we have all been together. This is better than any gift than I have ever received. New Years will be spent in Georgetown partying with George Bush...actually only part of that is true...guess. I would love to hear from gotta mya addressa anda you gotta my phone...drop me a line dammit!

OK, enough of the ramblings of a stark raving lunatic. I'd run for president (campaign contributions to be sent to the above address but are not tax deductible) but there's already too many lunatics in the race! Have a cool yule!

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