I usually try to let you know what's going on in my crazy little world from time to time..another form letter. Now is one of those times. I'm moving. As of the end of this month you can reach me through my parents

You see, I'm also changing jobs. Let me explain. About a six weeks ago, the boss came in to my office and told me to justify my position. This put the brain in panic mode. Seems our client is doing what is becoming the norm..down sizing. After a couple of days, my boss came to me and told me my position was OK, or at least until a couple of weeks ago. He told me that I had until September 1 to find a new job. I was supposed to be here until April of 96. They may or may not have a position waiting for me in our home office. This wasn't much of an assurance but the panic mode was gone and in walked a world of opportunities. I started job hunting. My resume was current for some time, beefed up the PC (I went to Windows..one of the last..not better..more buzzers and bells..slower), and had several computer programs I'd written to aid me in my search. On a trial mission to the library (Thursday), I went to through the want-ads. I really didn't expect to find much but there was some interesting stuff. On the following Monday, I went back to the same library and found nothing. I returned home to find an answering machine bursting with messages..highly uncommon. I had two calls from a man who wanted to know if I wanted to go to work on an embassy project in TURKEY!! (NOBODY else believed it either!!) I was drooling over the phone! Mr. Ed, my long time party buddy, and I were just talking about this as we were driving home from work that very same day! I've always wanted to go overseas and now was my chance. I told him I was very much interested in the position. He said he'd call me back Wednesday to schedule an interview. On Wednesday, he did call back. We exchanged salutations. Then he let me know that my future boss was on the line. Imagine that, a conference call between Clover VA, Birmingham AL, and Ankara Turkey (the capital of Turkey). One of those towns just seems to be out of place (Try and find Clover on the map). After a half hour of interviewing and twenty minutes waiting, the job was mine for the taking. I've been blessed in finding something better after something bad happens and this follows the trend.

We're renovating four U. S. Embassies in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan (There goes that damn spell check!). I'd be doing the same thing I did in my last job. I signed a year contract but we don't expect the project to last later than the spring. They'll furnish my living quarters, transportation to work, and even give me a food allowance. I'll get one plane ticket to Germany every six months. From there, I'm on my own to go where I please. Thirty days of vacation (prorated) per year. The money isn't half bad either. It will be a great résumé builder. I'm single and willing to explore the world. I'm truly looking at it as a challenge and an adventure. I don't speak any foreign languages but I've heard that English is very common. Ankara is supposed to be very European. If I don't care for it, I don't have to stay long but if I do, they say the overseas construction market is extremely healthy and lucrative. I may just stay. Turkey, for those unfamiliar with it, has some interesting neighbors: Russia, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia..to name a few. The climate seems to be relatively mild 10-90°. Ankara has driving and parking conditions similar to New York City. Guess I'll be taking public transit or the hoof patrol. Turkey made this month's National Geographic. They mentioned a Pizza Hut over there. Pepsi owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. I'm for Taco Bell, Diet Coke, and Cable TV! While it is a world of opportunity, I'm also understandingly scared. I've never been anywhere off the continent. Pray for me!

As for life in the states, I'm trying to sell or give away most of my earthly possessions. I'll store what I can't sell. Anybody need some good stuff cheap? Other hardships include saying good-bye the many wonderful friends I have, getting my passport and security clearances, and getting on that jet plane. I won't really appreciate where I am until I go. Right now, it's just getting things in order. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, having a completely different lifestyle, and having a nice nest egg when I get back. Then I can find something I really want to do. I'd even consider going back to work for the company that I've worked for during the past three years. I may indulge in a new PC.

I believe that last letter I sent out was Christmas. My trip to Florida was postponed (snow) for a couple of months until St. Patrick's Day weekend. We more than made up for the delay. The Daytona Beach Police department reminded me that I and my cohorts, as he dumped out our beer, were "not setting good examples for our young college students and we were obviously not spring breakers". I took this as a professional compliment..I've spent seven years building up my bad habits since I've left college..a doctor's degree..and to be recognized as above and beyond mere amateurs is truly a compliment. Trying to set a good example for college students should get anyone sainthood. I'm not there yet. I did get one trip to Myrtle Beach also.

I told you about my work on the set of Peter Pan. I've adopted those crazies in my circle of friends. They make me seem NORMAL! They are great folks and have helped me through some difficult times..one of my many second families. I've been spending more and more time on the bike. It's become one of my best friends too. Unfortunately, I only get four suitcases to take on the plane and the bike isn't one of them. Trying to condense my life into four 70 pound bags isn't easy. That's what the company will pay for. I'm hoping to find a good gym as I've been told that they have in Turkey. Racquetball would be heavenly.

This year was going to be a banner year for concerts but with my changing jobs, that goes out the window. I did see a few: Pink Floyd, Little Texas, Eddie Money, Smithereens.. I even managed to get in a few baseball games with the Durham Bulls and a hockey game with the Raleigh Ice Caps. Right now, I'm be home for Christmas if the project is still going. Sounds like a song...guess it is. PLEASE WRITE ME!! The company will forward all letters and I don't speak much Turkish. Call the folks if you want to send packages and they'll let you know on how to contact me via phone. I'll definitely miss the states.

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