US Embassy EOB - Tunis, Tunisia



Entrance To The NOB

NOB Exterior Twilight

NOB Exterior Dusk

NOB Interior

Waiting Room For The Consular Area Of The NOB

Aerial View

Owners: Overseas Building Operations
Engineers: Tai Soo Kim & Associates
Contractor: Bill L. Harbert International Construction Inc.

Construction, Schedule, and Cost Engineer-Responsible for cost and schedule control of the $40 million United States Embassy construction project. Responsible for processing shop drawings and compiling and documenting acceleration claim on the construction. Estimated over a million dollars of contract changes including an accelerated change order that resulted in cost savings of over a half-million dollars and a time savings of over two months for the Government. I was also responsible for computer network maintenance, project quality control, and overall supervision (labor and materials) of construction in the classified and unclassified areas of the project.

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