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In Kodiak, we have our vices. All we need are excuses.

Top Ten Reasons For Missing Work In Kodiak

10. I was fishing. (A perfectly legitimate reason)

9. I was hunting. (See fishing)

8. I missed the ferry, so I followed it but my car can't swim that fast.

7. I lost my wallet at the Great Alaskan Bush Company, in Anchorage, and I had to hitch a ride back home.

6. The Postal Service outbid me for the last seat on the plane and I couldn't get a flight.

5. I got chased by a bear and then I got lost so I couldn't get back in time.

4. I got rock fever and just had to get the hell out of here.

3. I had a date!

2. The sun was out.

1. It was Sunday and I was praying at my favorite fishing spot when the great fish god told me I couldn't go to work.

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