Yes, Bluelou has a thing about the beach...

The beach…well, it was a bit cool, as the rains had made the dropped the ocean temperature. No, I didn't get in though some did. Naturally, it was nearly deserted. There were two other parties.

While at the beach, we dined on fish and chips. We had our choice of a local brewery beer or Sprite. Food was good. They told me they do serve lobster…I can't wait for that! The vendors came by to hawk their wares…native clothing, wood and stone carvings…all those things that I always knew I needed…somewhere in the back of my mind…but never knew I wanted…until now.

The boss wears those native clothes on Friday. He calls it “African Fridays”…come dressed in native attire. I call it…come dressed as your favorite sofa cover. During the day, the average Sierra Leonian wears the traditional western attire. The Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes are African Traditional.

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