October 92..Lou Buys A Quad

Bluelou, the uneasy rider...

It's been a while since I've issued one of my infamous form letters. Maybe you've missed them, maybe you haven't. In either case, here goes.

The main reason I wrote it is to inform you of my change of address. The landlord raised my rent in April. As is in other ways. It took a while for me to get so pissed off that I threatened to move out if the landlord refused to lower the rent. I called his bluff and now I've moved into an actual house. Nope, I'm still renting. Buying a house in this area isn't a bright idea. I'd be buying in a sellers' market and selling in a buyers' market...doesn't make much sense to me.

As for me, I'm still into the travel thing. Road trips to the beach and the mountains are my thing. I've acquired a new hobby, falling off mountains. I recently purchased an four wheeled ATV. I enjoy exploring new places and one of the local dealers recommended contacting this guy who rides in a nearby mountain range. Well, this guy, believe it or not, is crazier than I. He must have had a death wish with some of the mountains he was climbing. I immediately knew I was over my head but he promised it would get better...not! We were climbing up a very steep slope and that little voice we all have in the back of our minds, told me to go home. I knew that! Anyway, I killed my machine. All the bikers said that it was easy to restart a four-wheeler on a mountain. Tell it to my quad. After about ten minutes of kick-starting and not starting, falling off the quad, and falling down the mountain, I backed it up against a tree. I raced the engine, let out the clutch too fast, and promptly stood it up on the rear end propped up against a tree. I fell on my ass, smacked my helmet against the tree, looked up and saw that my quad wanted to fall down the mountain. Nope, I paid too much for this thing to let it go this way. I righted the machine, sat down to catch my breath, and waited until I got enough sense to go home. Other episodes include getting stuck and unstuck over an hour's time, singing soprano on the handle bars, and conversations with a redneck sheriff...call for details.

I'm still check the single box on my income tax. No major candidates to speak of, but like a frustrated fisherman, nibbles but no bites.

Another way I pass the time is through bowling...yes bowling. I have this theory that since bowling and beer both begin with "B", I can't separate the two. Last year, we were went from first to worst in a very short time. Right now, we're in second place. The same pattern may be rearing it's ugly head...we haven't started to lose yet but there's a whole lot of season left. I bought a new ball this season and my average has picked up twenty pins...scary. I don't think I'll be able to keep it. As for the beer..I can keep it. It's stayed as long as I've been here.

I've become an uncle for the second time...poor kid has a derelict for an uncle...he'll learn that age doesn't necessarily reflect wisdom. I haven't seen him yet but I'm sure I'll get a load of him when I go home for Christmas. My sister has time to plan to leave town.

The job is going well but it has been getting a tad bit on the dull side. I enjoy my work but there isn't always enough to keep me busy. Write me, call me, send me a telegram...just let me know what the hell is going on!

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