The apartment I rented is a small one-bedroom unit. I saw a two bedroom unit in the same building but it didn't thrill me. They don't believe in air conditioning in these parts and the two-bedroom unit had a southern exposure making it warm in the daylight. I saw how tiny the living room and kitchen of the one bed unit were and thought "ugh". Then I walked out on the balcony and saw "Spain"! Hey! This sucker is mine!

Itís a vacation home for the EuropeansÖnice on the inside and the outside but the rest of the building needs help. In the common areas, the interior lighting could be switched on and a few bulbs replaced. Maintenance isnít a high priority for the common areas but it looks really cool on the outside and thatís what seems to matter.

Location! Location! Location! Though my beach days are over, it's not far from the beach. There are stores, night clubs, and restaurants within a few minutes of walking. The second of Tangierís McNastys (McDonalds) is five minutes away. It doesnít have a view like the one on the hill but you can see the beach walk and the gulf. Until we move to our field office, the office is a twenty minute walk. Right now, I see me spending lots of time camped out in the shade of my balcony surfing the web, admiring the view, and hearing the crash of the waves against the shore. The living room couches are beds so get your reservations in at Casa Bluelou now!

A cool garden sculpture taken from above.

See the pool near the beach. My apartment is in this building. For you Google Earth freaks, the coordinates are N35 46.533 W5 47.025.



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