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Iíve been dying to make a trip to Macedonia before it turned to winter. My travel partner has bailed out on me so I was forced to travel by myself. I donít really care for travelling abroad by car. There are too many things that can go wrong and Iíd be by myself. In a last minute thought, I asked some friends if they'd be my guide to Skopje. We left a bit late and my friends were more concerned about food than I...imagine that...so we burned a bit more of daylight than I'd intended to do...but I made my first run to Skopje...beyond my first experience in February of flying in and out of the Skopje airport.

The border on the way down was like a traffic jam. It was a half-hour wait to pass. By coincidence, colleagues of my friends were waiting in line at the border directly in front of our car. I stayed in the car but everyone else got out for the reunion. The border on the return trip was a five-minute stop and go which is more my speed.

First stop was Matka Canyon. It was a mountain lake surrounded by sharp cliffs. We walked around, stopped at the cafť to be seen, and watched the boats and kayakers go by.

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