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This story was written by a friend of Bluelou. By request, the identity has been removed from the article.

Dear Classmates,

You know I was just starting to get used to Beijing when that old Louis stuffed me into an envelope. Sure was dark in there. I remember being shuffled around a lot. When the envelope was opened Louis was nowhere to be found. Instead this friend of Louis introduced himself to me. He used to work with Louis in Tanzania and Jamaica. Louis' friend has worked in Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Kazakhstan, The Gambia, Georgia, Germany, India, Jamaica, Mauritania, Senegal, Tanzania, Turkey, and Uganda. Whew, these guys travel more than I do.

Anyway, right now Lou's friend is working in Skopje, F.Y.R. Macedonia fixing up the U.S. Embassy. If you don't remember Macedonia is the next-door neighbor to the country of Kosovo. We have all heard many terrible things happening over there now haven't we. Lou's friend recently went to Kosovo and said it was real sad to see the mass graves of people killed in the conflict along with much property damage caused by angry people. Lou's friend promised not to take me over there if I acted appropriately.

Macedonia is a very small country located North of Greece. The country is mountainous and has several big lakes where people go in the summers. Macedonia is rich in ancient history as it was one of the oldest crossroads that connected Europe with Asia. Do you remember hearing about Alexander The Great in your history books? Well he was born in Macedonia. The Roman Empire occupied this land before Christ was born. And that leads me into our pictures of Roman artifacts.

I am on top of a stone tomb for a child.

My local friend Frans helps me on top of an adult sized tomb.

This is a marker stone of some sorts.

I was really a good little man and so they took me to Berlin, Germany over the Christmas holidays to see the famous landmark Brandenburg Gate. Unfortunately for us the whole structure is being renovated and was sheathed in a protective covering. The construction workers painted the covering to look like the actual monument for all the visitors that had never seen it like me. The Brandenburg Gate was originally built in 1788 - 1791.

This picture is the Brandenburg Gate taken in 1968 looking from East to West Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate Renovation (I am located on the Pink Panther's red stocking)

Do you see me now?

I was even a good man in Berlin so Lou's friend decided to take me to Prague, Czech Republic a few days before Christmas 2000.

Prague is a very old city with lots and lots of history. It has the largest ancient castles in the World according to Guinness Book of World Records. This picture of the church was taken inside the castle but you really cannot see me in it. This castle was built in the 9th century.

Prague Castle (Church)

I am in the middle of old town with a street vendor and freezing! Prague, Czech Republic

Do you see me on gold square just to the left of the door? This picture was taken on a very old church in Prague.

A Church in Old Town Prague Christmas Eve. I'm going on a trip to India next. I understand it will be much warmer there. I hope the trip doesn't take too long because I am not overly fond of this envelope.

Good Bye,


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