I got fitted for a suit for my nephew's wedding. I thought it'd be cheap given that I'm in a country with a depressed economy. Boy was I wrong. I didn't know of a tailor so I asked one of our crew who was born here. He asked his father. This tailor made the suit for Bill Clinton while posing for his statue. In a roundabout way, I believe I paid for Clinton's suit.

This wasn't one stop shopping. I got fitted and then I went shopping at another store for the cloth. The material alone was $110 or 100 Euros. The tailor wanted 85 Euros or $93. The suit I had made in China (right) was $135 with one stop shopping.

The tailor spoke a handful of English words which were considerably more words that I know in Albanian...which is zero. The father spoke no English either. So it was an international experience. As you can see, it worked.

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