Bluelou's Home Away From Home...The Mabely Grand Hotel in Kampi, Greece...

The hotel claimed to be a five star hotel. That’s subjective. Any hotel can claim to be a five star hotel. It was classy and they did take very good care of me. They had a dress code for the dining room. I discovered the dress code from their web site and inquired at the hotel. As I was waiting to be seated, the couple ahead of me in line discovered the dress code by accident. Even though the conversation wasn’t English, it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out the problem. Their clothes were wet from the pool and the maître’ d didn’t let them in. I did myself an internal hi-five as I got right in all due to my homework. I called my stay there "roughing it" as we couldn’t get the AC to work in my room until the very last day and the hotel only offered Wi-Fi internet only in the lobby. No internet is truly 'roughing it'! There were only five tv channels so I did a lot of reading. I got a kick out of the door man. I’d walk to the front desk, uphill from my room. He’d drive me back...the easy part.

The appearance of the hotel, reminded me of the Ritz-Carlton we built in Jamaica many years ago.

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