Bluelou's Home Away From Home...The Mabely Grand Hotel in Kampi, Greece...The taxi driver who met me at the airport pronounced it "MAH-BA-LEE" like the bald dude in the 7-Up commercials.

On the night before my trip, I was trying to arrange a trip from the airport to this hotel. The hotel staff helped me connect the dots that I was landing in Athens yet needed a taxi to take me to the hotel to the island, over two-hundred miles away! I thought about the possibilities of renting a car or scrapping the island trip. to the rescue! I booked the flight from Athens to Zakynthos Island two hours before my first flight. I had a five-hour layover in the Athens airport and not much to do but read to kill time.

When I landed at my final destination, the winds were whipping. The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel seemed more like a rollercoaster ride rather than a car trip. I was seasick from the winding roads with hilly curves. Even the locals experienced this. Still, it didn't take much to realize the wisdom of the airplane rather than taking a car from Athens over land and via ferry.

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