Trans Caucus Embassy Renovation - TCER

Almaty, Kazakstan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Yerevan, Armenia

Tblisi Georgia (Not shown)

Owners: Foreign Building Operations (Now Overseas Building Operations)
Engineers: Louis Berger & Associates
Contractor: Bill Harbert Intertational Construction

Stationed in Ankara Turkey, processing shop drawings, coordinating material shipments and testing, coordinated staff and field engineering activities, corresponding with owners, subcontractors, stateside associates, our joint venture partners in Ankara, and our U. S. Embassy renovation job sites located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. Conducted on-site inventory take-off to validate on site material quantities. Estimated contract revision claims.

Simply put, there were no American Embassy projects built in the former Soviet Union so there was no bank of experience to draw upon for the client or my employer. Transportation of materials and personnel was a major undertaking. The lack of local materials and skilled labor, along with job site conditions indigenous to the former Soviet States and coordination of resources without causing any major interruption of the day to day business of the embassy facilities made this a truly unique project.

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