Artwork by Shortness
My father worked for many companies in the Midwest. These photos are but a portion of projects my father was involved in. Born in Canada in 1928, his family moved across the river to Detroit, Michigan when he was five. He became a naturalized US citizen. Rene Joseph "Pete" DesRosiers studied civil engineering at the University of Detroit because there were no other degrees in construction at the time. He went into the Air Force stationed at Offut Air Force Base in Bellevue. He worked for a company in Omaha and Detroit before moving back to the Midwest where he worked at Korshoj Construction in Blair, NE. His next company was Lueder Construction in Omaha. Eventually, he partnered with our next door neighbor to start Midland General Construction in Blair. He worked for a few more companies before he started his own estimating service; Midwest Estimating where he worked until he retired.
Mom and Dad raised seven children. My family was very much involved in these projects as cheerleaders, janitors, secretaries, and laborers. In other words, it became a family project.
My father was a Catholic Deacon. With every stamp that came from postage meter from Midland General, came the company slogan, "Praise The Lord, The Master Builder". Among his many projects as a deacon was to counsel prisoners in jail. Hiring many of the prisoners he counseled, he put his money where his mouth is. He practiced what he preached.
Truth be told, if I would be a fraction of the person he was, Id be something. Read the tribute and perhaps, youll understand. Growing up in a construction family, my father was definitely my inspiration to get into construction. Hesitant at first to get into construction at college, I have no regrets about this career path Ive chosen.
At the time this company (Midland General) went under, it was a profitable company but his financial partner had a tremendous downturn and took their company down in the aftermath. Had circumstances been different, perhaps Id be running that company now and Id have a totally different career path. The physical toll of this corporate downfall on my father was the impetus for me not wanting to have my own company.
When people hear or see my family name, many say they knew my father and speak of him kindly.
The evidence of a career in construction gives the individual a stamp at immortality so long as their work is still around. No, there isn't a bust with Dad's likeliness that I'm aware of. These buildings are enough.
While he had his human faults, it's great to be able to call your father your hero.
Many of these projects happened before I was born or very small so I may not have all the facts correct. In somewhat chronological order, some of the projects my father was involved with.
Korshoj, Lueder, and Midland, were all constuction companies. All of these projects took the effort and dedication of many people. Thank you to all that provided their support.

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