Chillin' At The China Zoo

This photo was taken from the Lama of many temples here in Beijing. All of these facilities were built in the forteenth century.

These photos were taken at the Temple of Heaven...a place the Chinese would go to pray for a good harvest. This is a picture of a cypruss tree that is over 500 years old.

The wall around the temple is the ring wall. Given complete silence, a person can whisper and a person on some other part of the wall...far way, can supposedly hear the whisper. Unfortunately, there were too many folks there....mostly screaming into the wall drowning out anybody else. Both venues are less than 15 minutes away by taxi.

For those travelling to Bejing, a trip to the Chaoyang theater, an acrobatic theater, comprised of child performers, is a must...a short show with incredible acts leaving you'd they do that. Forgot the camera for that one....didn't think the photos would turn out anyway.

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