Photos from the Forbidden City. One photo I will emphasize...a common roof line detail. The Forbidden City was constructed in 1414 to 1420 and the Forbidden City museum was built in 1920. It has not been occupied since it was restored. The Forbidden City housed the ruling Chinese dynasties for centuries. It was used to entertain the rulers as well as their visitors including foreign rulers. Built in the fourteenth century and renovated in the nineteenth, I'd imagine it decayed with time. The Forbidden City is part of Beijing...about five miles from my apartment...or four subway stops...due west...we're on the same street. The Forbidden City is on the north border of Tianamen Square. Tianamen borders lots of government buildings including many museums and where the rulers rule the people. It was not open to the commoners...thus the name "Forbidden City".

The Entrance

A Pagoda

An overview of the forbidden city.

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