US Embassy EOB - Beijing, China

Owners: Foreign Building Operations (Now Overseas Building Operations)
Engineers: Wanchul-Lee & Associates
Contractor: Bill Harbert International Construction Inc.

Schedule and Construction Engineer-Managed budgets and schedules for the $12 million United States Embassy addition and renovation project. Renovation included installation of new plumbing systems, and extensive HVAC, electrical and security upgrades without causing any major interruption to the day to day working of the facilities. I was responsible for the compilation of over three-million dollars of construction changes and a time extension of over three-months. Compiled project close-out documentation including as-built drawings (AutoCAD), operations and maintenance manuals, and spare parts.

Without specifying it in the bid documents, this project was a pilot project for the new US Embassy Project built in 2003-2008. Intertwined with the construction was the true-life events involving the Chinese and American governments.

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