Our chariot awaits us...to take us from the bus to the mountain. On the left is my friend Angie. On the right is my friend and associate, Cindy. Obviously, the two locals are our two drivers. This is the entrance to Fragrant Hills.

We had to labor on Labor Day so the boss gave me the option...you can work or you can go with the crew to Fragrant Hills or Summer Palace. I'd already been to Summer Palace and I didn't really want to work so I selected Fragrant Hills. I guess, it's supposed to have wonderful smells during the fall...this was summer. We only smelled the air pollution. Still, some of the photos are quite cool.

We took our bicycles on the bus in hopes that we could ride them home...about ten miles. Unfortunately, nature can be a real mother and she decided to be a bitch and rain on us...no bike ride.

A typical view of the Beijing skyline during the summer. We didn't go into many of the venues but we did take the ski lift to the top of the park...about a ten minute ride. That is where I took this photo.

Various photos taken inside the park...

This dude looks a bit miffed. I would be too...looks like someone took his trousers.

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