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Location: Morocco

On a previous project, a term I’d never heard in the context it was used was 'sustainability'. A simple definition would be ‘at one with the environment’. In other words, living and causing no damage to the environment. How about this for an entry?

I was sitting at one of my usual lunch spots when a guy pulls up on his bicycle, walks in, and walks out of the kitchen with their knives. He sits on his bicycle and starts sharpening them...on his bicycle. Check out the photo. He made a special stand to support his weight holding the bike stationary. Sitting backwards pedaling on the bike, he sharpens the knives. The key to the works is a rubber belt wrapped around the bike tire connected to the shaft that propels the grinding wheel. Talk about being environmentally friendly. He doesn’t burn an ounce of gas going to work! He wouldn’t let us photo him while working but he would allow us to picture his bike. The added components to his workshop; the grinding table mounted to a rack on the back, tool box mounted to a front bike rack, a bigger seat, and the retractable stand that allows him to pedal while holding the bike upright.

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