I don't remember her name but she's the savior to all of these photos. To be an underwater photographer, it's best to have a red lens filter. The one I bought with the camera didn't fit. The one that supposedly went with this camera model, the GoPro 3 White, didn't fit. We tried a second filter...BINGO! I didn't take the lens off until the final dive was over (including this photo). She saved my trip as I bought the camera just for this trip...a bucket list thing. I told her I'd name my first born child after her...if I can only remember her name or the kid is going to be known as "What's his/Her Name." I looked at the sales ticket. Her name is what's her name.

PS...I've resized but haven't otherwise edited these photos and, yes, my fingers make many unannounced appearances in these photos.

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